how can you increase your credit card limit

You’ve probably already opened an account or know a bank that works exclusively with an app. There are currently several options that offer the banking experience to cardholders. Those who like to make debit or credit payments enjoy the convenience of having everything on one platform, without the bureaucracy of traditional institutions.

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One of the most used features is to request the expansion of the account holder’s credit. Banco Inter, for example, has its own policy regarding the release of the balance. However, there are some ways to meet these requirements, guaranteeing more money when necessary, making it possible to pay bills, purchases and other expenses.

Tips for you to increase your credit limit at Inter bank quickly

Keep your bill up to date

Any bank assesses whether people are bearing their responsibilities before granting certain advantages. To prevent you from forgetting to pay something, select the automatic debit option by clicking on ”Cards” > ”Settings” > ”Automatic Debit” > ”Activate Automatic Debit”. That way, no payment deadline will be forgotten.

Always update your profile on the Super App

In Super App Inter, click on the three bars in the upper right corner, selecting ”Cadastral Update”, fill in your current data and finish with ”Update”.

Use credit often

When using credit, multiple purchases generate cashback, and that money back stays in your account. The more the modality is used, the greater the chances of increasing the limit.

Make investments on the platform

Whether fixed or variable income, those who choose to invest in their own application are preferred when applying for credit, especially if they are profiting from assets.

Enable salary portability

By moving the account, transferring your earnings to Banco Inter, you demonstrate that you are trustworthy and a repeat customer. In the application, select ”Salary Portability”, clicking on ”Continue” and after entering your data, press again ”Continue”, confirming by email.

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