“Igor Gomes is a joke!” Journalist detonates two holders from Cotia

The player and narrator Nilson César, from Jovem Pan radio, was direct and straight to comment what he thinks about São Paulo and, mainly, its young values ​​of the base.

“This team doesn’t inspire any confidence. (…) Rodrigo Nestor, this guy is nothing, he doesn’t play anything. Igor Gomes is a joke. In two hundred games this guy only kicked one ball into the goal and only gave it to the side, oh my god… There are a lot of promises in São Paulo that are everything to me. It doesn’t burst. São Paulo should sell these guys and make cash because they don’t have a penny.”- he shot it on Jovem Pan’s Canelada program.

The journalist went further and said that the classification in the Copa do Brasil was a big upset. “I don’t know how this team eliminated Palmeiras in the Copa do Brasil. Zebra!” – he said.

Nelson Cesar went further. He called the São Paulo team a “loser label” and said that if it weren’t for Rogério Ceni, the club would be in an even worse situation.

“Something needs to be done to rescue a team that wins again“ – finished.

Journalist Nilson Cesar is currently the main narrator of the Rádio Jovem Pan team in São Paulo, where he narrated 8 World Cups and more than 200 Formula 1 GP’s and is known for controversial statements to several football players, including the number ten of the national team. Brazilian, Neymar.

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