In Congonhas, Gol crew members demonstrate for better wages

Convened by the National Aeronauts Union (SNA), Gol Linhas Aéreas crew members held a demonstration at Congonhas airport, in São Paulo, for fair salary adjustments. The call for the act was born out of the impossibility of reaching a salary agreement with the airline in recent rounds of negotiations.

During a meeting last Tuesday, Gol took a position against an agreement, and only informed that it would implement compensation through the payment of compensation below the claims of pilots and flight attendants. In addition, the company also said that it would create an internal committee of 12 crew members, aiming to seek opportunities to optimize the company’s costs and that, in the event of savings, it will be converted to the flight group.

The company’s action displeased the union, which understood that Gol was not willing to negotiate, in addition to proposing a measure with a conflict of interests, since there is no certainty that an internal committee would be composed through democratic means, such as a transparent independent vote. , for example.

Because of this, the crew went to the airport lobby with posters asking for fair remuneration and appreciation of the profession. Later, the SNA sent a letter to Gol, in which it requests a new meeting with the company.

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