“It’s not even suitable for the club”; Oscar situation ‘leaks’ and Marcos Braz brings explanations in Flamengo


Considered a player that interests a lot, the midfielder had his negotiations updated by the director of Mais Querido

(Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images) - Oscar is Flamengo's object of desire.
(Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images) – Oscar is Flamengo’s object of desire.

O Flamengo he doesn’t think about anything other than the game against Corinthians, which will be played this Tuesday (2), for the quarter finals of the Copa Libertadores da América, at Neo Química Arena, for the first leg. The team led by Dorival Júnior wants to build a good result, precisely to play with more tranquility on the way back, at Maracanã.

The opponent is undefeated playing in their domains for the Brazilian Championship, but the Cariocas are aware of the great capacity of their squad, especially with the reinforcements and having a great time. Even a draw can be seen well, even more so knowing that the stadium will be extremely crowded in Rio de Janeiro next week, helping directly in the pressure.

Off the pitch, obviously following closely the preparation for the continental competition, the board does not waste time and tries to resolve some issues that are still pending, but that are treated as important behind the scenes, especially since it is Oscarwhich could reach and further increase the quality of available parts.

However, about the midfielder, Marcos Braz explained the positioningwithout hiding anything from the fan: “Oscar was released to spend these last 5 to 6 months to be close to his family and monitor a personal situation. He was not released to play in any club. A 30-year-old high-performing player, being idle for all that time, is not suitable for either the club or the player. It is in this sense that we try the power of persuasionthat we can contribute”said, in an interview with SBT, adding:

“We leave Flamengo’s doors open. If he wants to train, be close to us, it will be a pleasure. But there’s nothing yet. Unfortunately, Oscar is not our player yet”, finished. There is no doubt that the agreement is getting closer to the happy ending, so much so that the Brazilian is expected to start training at Flamengo this week, however, the situation is treated with caution by the board.

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