Joaquim is arrested for the murder of Abel

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  (credit: Fabio Rocha/TV Globo)

(credit: Fabio Rocha/TV Globo)

the week of beyond illusion begins with Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) being arrested for a crime that, in fact, was committed by his mother, Úrsula (Bárbara Paz): the murder of Abel (Adriano Petermann).

When Joaquim gets home, Úrsula has already killed Abel. Desperate, they get rid of the body. That’s when one of Joaquim’s shirt cufflinks falls off and he doesn’t notice. The police find the object next to the body and intuit that Joaquim is the murderer, even though Onofre (Guilherme Silva) is already arrested for the crime.

Úrsula despairs about her son’s arrest. At the police station, Joaquim lies that he was already in Rio de Janeiro, where he only went the next day, when Abel died. Úrsula rushes to bribe the hotel employee in Rio de Janeiro to confirm Joaquim’s version, giving him an alibi. Thus, Onofre remains imprisoned and Joaquim is released.

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Source: TV Globo

Úrsula and Joaquim hurry to hide Abel’s body. Fátima comforts Olivia, who suffers from not being able to get pregnant. Matias has a hallucination during his treatment. Manuela and Augusta insist that Violeta forgive Heloísa. Joaquim suffers for having been Úrsula’s accomplice in Abel’s death, and does not realize that he lost a button on his shirt. Santa trains Constantino as a casino croupier. Cipriano tells Emilia that he will not resume his marriage with her. A hunter finds Abel’s body. Bento confesses to Abilio that he will never stop loving Letícia. Cipriano declares himself to Giovanna. Salvador announces that Abel has been murdered and arrests Onofre as a suspect.

David tells Isadora that he saw Joaquim fight with Abel. In Rio de Janeiro, Joaquim despairs when he hears the news about Abel’s murder on the radio. Salvador questions Onofre about Joaquim’s cufflink, found next to his body. Leticia doesn’t like it when Lorenzo is harsh with Bento. Violeta calls a lawyer to help Onofre. Enrico deduces that Joaquim took Abel’s life. Isadora recognizes Joaquim’s cufflink in Salvador’s hands. Salvador inspects Joaquim’s room and discovers the other pair of cufflinks. A few weeks go by. Bento and Olivia celebrate the end of the war and the release of Tenório. Joaquim returns from Rio de Janeiro and Salvador gives him a voice of arrest.

Joaquim despairs and Úrsula tries to lose Salvador, without success. Davi and Isadora convince Violeta that Joaquim is a dangerous man. Joaquim tells Salvador that he was in Rio de Janeiro when Abel was killed. Lisiê confronts Tenório about Olivia. Matias has a crisis and Olivia comforts him. Úrsula manages to bribe the hotel manager, who confirms Joaquim’s false alibi to the police. Salvador keeps Onofre imprisoned. Iara refuses to deny Joaquim to the police. Heloísa begs Violeta’s forgiveness. Iolanda offers Joaquim the folder of evidence against him in exchange for money.

Joaquim rebels against Iolanda, who supports his blackmail. Davi regrets that the Judge denied reviewing his case in Elisa’s death. Eugênio reveals to Joaquim that it was Isadora who testified against him. Olivia helps Mathias. Davi is suspicious of Yolanda’s behavior. Margô catches Úrsula in her hotel room. Joaquim threatens Isadora. Inácio reveals himself to Constantino and Julinha, who accept the boy’s romance with Arminda. Lorenzo confesses to Giovanna that he knows that Leticia still loves Bento. Tenório invites Bento to open a newspaper. Emilia leaves prison. Joaquim gives the money to Iolanda and gets the folder with the documents that incriminate him.

Joaquim is annoyed to discover that Iolanda knows David’s true identity. Silvana surprises Bento. Emília catches Cipriano kissing Giovanna, and Jojô comforts her mother. Úrsula and Joaquim burn the evidence against him, who plans to deliver Davi to the police during Isadora’s birthday party. Heloísa rehires Emília. Inácio and Arminda celebrate their union. Iara overhears Iolanda’s conversation with Joaquim and alerts Davi. Santa and Geraldo kiss. David confronts Yolanda.

With Isadora’s help, Davi changes Iolanda’s bags. Letícia is jealous of Silvana. Davi announces to Isadora that she will make her great escape. Mariana begs Santa and Arminda to have her radio show back. Tenório hires Silvana to work at his newspaper. Letícia hears when Giovanna and Lorenzo comment on Silvana and Bento. Eugênio tries to get closer to Violeta, who is irritated by her partner’s complacency towards Joaquim. Joaquim shows Davi’s wanted poster for Salvador, which gives the magician a voice of arrest in front of Violeta. Yolanda is scared to see that she has lost her money. Davi performs magic tricks and escapes from Salvador.

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