Juliano Cazarré leaves the maternity ward with the baby 1 month after surgery

The youngest daughter of actor Juliano Cazarré left the maternity ward after undergoing heart surgery

The actor Juliano Cazarre and his wife, the biologist and journalist Letícia Cazarré, celebrated a very special day this Monday afternoon (01). It turns out that the couple’s newborn daughter was discharged from the maternity ward. Little Maria Guilhermina came into the world on the 21st of July.

The baby was born with a rare heart disease, diagnosed during pregnancy, called Ebstein’s Anomaly. The delivery took place in São Paulo so that the baby could have all the necessary assistance. Shortly after birth, the girl had to undergo a delicate heart surgery.

More than a month after the procedure, the newborn left the hospital! The fact was more than celebrated by the artist’s family. “High time! We will continue in São Paulo, but outside the hospital”, wrote Letícia when showing her daughter in a baby carriage and all the bags packed, beside her.

Juliano Cazarrewho lives the pawn Alcides in remake of the soap opera “Pantanal”, has four other children. All are fruits of his marriage to journalist Letícia Cazarré. The firstborn Vicente is 11 years old, Inácio is nine years old and Gaspar has only three years to live. While little Mary Magdalene turned a year old.

For now, the newborn still won’t find her siblings. But, the mom celebrated her leaving the hospital a lot, as well as the support and affection she received from the fans. “160k followers! 40 days ago, we left Rio de Janeiro for São Paulo in the hope of giving our little Maria Guilhermina the biggest and best chance to reach the world healthy, and we already knew that she would increase our love and teach us a lot”, wrote the wife of Juliano Cazarre.

She added: “What we couldn’t imagine is that this love for her would multiply immensely, also sprouting in thousands of hearts across Brazil and around the world! I know that the nearly 100,000 people who arrived recently came bringing love, faith and hope… or the old Christian maxim: ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’! Thank you all so much, feel hugged!”.

Letícia and Juliano Cazarré celebrate the discharge of the newborn

Instagram reproduction Letícia and Juliano Cazarré celebrate the discharge of the newborn, Maria Guilhermina

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