Juliette appears on Billboard’s list as a possible 2022 Latin Grammy nominee | pop

Will it come? The North American magazine Billboard published this Monday, 8/1, its forecasts for the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist, and, for the general happiness of the cactus 🌵 and anxiety at a thousand an hour, Juliette’s name appears among the ten bets.

As soon as she found out, the singer vibrated on social media and registered the emotion of recognition. See the reaction in the video above 🌵👆

“Can you imagine my smile seeing this? ❤🥺”

Juliette appears on Billboard’s list with possible nomination — Photo: Billboard

In the publication, the Brazilian is described as follows: “The lawyer-turned-singer became a social media star when she won Big Brother Brasil in 2021. She released her debut EP last year, with all the original material – a mix of pop and traditional forró that helped Juliette attract many audiences.”

Juliette appears on Billboard's list as a possible candidate for the 2022 Latin Grammy

Juliette appears on Billboard’s list as a possible candidate for the 2022 Latin Grammy

Eslabon Armado, Carin León, Blessd, Luis Figueroa, Pehuenche, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, Silvana Estrada, Yahritza Y Su Esencia and Tiago PZK are also on the Billboard list.

Rita Lee — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys will be held on November 17, in Las Vegas, United States, and will have our rock queen as an honoree.

The singer will receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, which can be translated as “Award for Contribution in Life” and is a tribute to the artist’s body of work.

The announcement was made on July 25, in São Paulo, during a pre-Grammy event, which included the participation of singers Paula Lima, Manu Gavassi, Luísa Sonza, Agnes Nunes and Giulia Be interpreting songs by the 74-year-old from São Paulo.

Rita Lee shares photo on social network — Photo: Roberto de Carvalho

Rita really has a lot to celebrate: the singer is cured of lung cancer diagnosed in May 2021.

“My mother’s healing moved the fuck out of me. Best news ever. He kept his head high, willing to fight and faced everything with his usual good humor,” wrote Beto Lee, musician and son of a artist on social media.

Rita Lee is known as the queen of Brazilian rock — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Roberto de Carvalho

Review Juliette singing ‘Difference Mara’

Juliette sings 'Difference Mara'

Juliette sings ‘Difference Mara’

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