Lumena Aleluia reveals how much it has earned producing adult content

Former BBB Lumena Aleluia revealed that she is making big profits producing content for adult content platforms like Privacy, better known as the Brazilian OnlyFans. In an interview with the newspaper Extra, the influencer, who also works as a DJ, revealed that she has already made more than R$ 100 thousand in just 10 days. “I decided to work up the courage to break and question this once and for all,” she said.

Lumena also says that before Carnival, she did not accept her own body well, in addition to not feeling comfortable with nudity. “I was invited to be the muse of a samba school and at the time I didn’t feel comfortable dancing with one of the pieces that the designer had proposed, which showed my body a lot. That is, I exhibited nudity, had a language of nudity and, at the time, I was still very insecure with my own body and very stuck, repressed in relation to these issues,” she recalled.

“As I graduated as a psychologist, in short, I did a very academic run, as a researcher. I created in my head a very prejudiced idea that my erotic side, my sensual side, he had to be denied “, vented the famous. “And I realized that this year at carnival, when I couldn’t, within an artistic proposal of carnival that this freedom of bodies is authorized, I couldn’t. Since then I have been reflecting a lot on the foundations of this insecurity and I decided to take the courage to break and question it once and for all,” she added.

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