Mercado Pago offers machines with 0 rate and 75% discount

Until the end of the month of parents, sellers can buy Point machines with up to 75% discount and still sell with 0% rate.

Image: Publicity / Mercado Pago

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One of the most significant dates in Brazilian commerce, Father’s Day, promises to be hectic at Mercado Pago. Since July 11, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can buy Point machines at special prices and will have zero tax* on sales made with these devices until the end of August.

“In a period like the current one, any extra income can make a big difference in the cash flow of a venture. If the movement is greater, as tends to happen on a date such as Father’s Day, the contribution to the seller who fails to pay the fee for transactions carried out with the machine is even more significant and welcome “, analyzes the head of Payments from Mercado Pago, Gabriela Szprinc.

Discounts of up to 75% on machines

In addition to the exemption from fees applied on sales, long tail entrepreneurs interested in models such as Smart, Mini and Pro 2 will be able to take these devices with up to 75% off. Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to buy the Point Smart model for R$250 (discount of just over 70%).

“To continue to make a difference with what really impacts everyday life, we also need to look at who usually receives card payments. Lowering barriers to the purchase of machines and maintaining Rate 0 for longer could be the support that was needed to make Father’s Day a turning point to rebalance cash, resume growth or gain scale”, suggests Szprinc.

Check the *regulation with the conditions to participate here.

About Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago, the largest fintech in Latin America, has the mission of democratizing access to financial and payment services, contributing to financial inclusion and fostering the power of entrepreneurship in the region. With more than 34.5 million unique users, Mercado Pago offers a complete financial technology solution, with a digital wallet, free account with daily remuneration, credit offer, insurance and online payment services.

Fintech is also present in millions of physical points of sale with its portfolio of Point machines and QR code solutions. A company of the Mercado Livre group (Nasdaq: MELI), Mercado Pago has been operating in Brazil since 2004 and is also present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

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Image: Publicity / Mercado Pago

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