Paulo Câmara government authorizes increase in Copergás natural gas. Know how much

Without fanfare, the Official Gazette on Saturday (30) informs authorization from the Pernambuco Regulatory Agency (ARPE) for the state-owned COPERGAS increase the price of natural gas supplied for the company.

The authorized increase, requested by the State Government through Copergás, will be 8.59% (eight whole fifty-nine hundredths percent) for natural gas.

“To authorize, for application in the period from 08/01/2022 to 10/31/2022, the recomposition of the average tariff in the projected percentage of 8.59% (eight and fifty-nine hundredths percent), resulting from the average increase of 9.48% (nine point forty-eight percent) in the cost of acquiring natural gas, and considering the offsetting of the difference in favor of COPERGÁS, according to ARPE/DEF/CTEEF Report 02/2022, of 05/26/ 2022”, authorizes the resolution.

COPERGÁS sent a letter on July 15th requesting the increase.

The increase was justified, according to the act, by the “Recomposition of the Average Operating Tariff of Companhia Pernambucana de Gás – COPERGÁS resulting from the increase in the Sale Prices of Natural Gas Suppliers”.

The authorization for the increase is valid from Saturday (30).

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