Popcorn da Ivete loses 20% of audience and triggers red alert on Globo

Ivete’s popcorn did not burst: after a promising debut, in which it managed to surpass even the rates left by The Voice Kids, the program led by Ivete Sangalo lost a significant portion of its audience and saw its numbers drop 20% in just one week. Even though it remained in the absolute leadership of its time slot, the attraction did not raise absolutely anything and had the same audience as the umpteenth rerun of the national comedy Os Farofeiros, broadcast on Temperature Máxima.

According to audience data from the country’s main metropolis, obtained by the report of Pop TV with market sources, the second episode of the format presented by the singer scored an average of 9.5 points. The number, despite symbolizing that the program had more audience than all the attractions broadcast by competing stations throughout the week, is also synonymous with one of the biggest drops between the premiere and the second week of airing of this time slot. The Voice Kids, its predecessor, had lost 13% in the same comparison.

Even with a lower result than its debut, Pipoca da Ivete continued to have a negative impact on Domingo Legal’s performance: the attraction of SBT, which not infrequently was the audience leader in its best moments, scored an average of 5.4 points and tied technically with Record. Before Celso Portiolli’s program, the Tele Sena draw (3.4) was in fourth place, while Roda a Roda Jequiti (3.8) was surpassed by Formula 1, broadcast by Band.

Check out the averages obtained by the programs of the main TV stations this Sunday (31):

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)13.0
Holy Mass in Your Home3.5
Paulista antenna4.5
Small Business Big Business6.7
Rural Globe11.1
Auto Sport9.3
Spectacular sport7.9
Maximum temperature: Os Farofeiros9.5
Ivete’s Popcorn9.5
Brasileirão 2022: Athletico vs Sao Paulo17.7
Sunday with Huck16.0
Go What a Glue10.0
Major Sunday: Kickboxer – Revenge6.7
Film: Thirteen Men and a New Secret3.9
hour 14.6
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.1
Universal Church0.7
São Paulo of Awards1.4
Record Kids: Biblical Drawings2.5
Record Kids: The Woodpecker Gang3.5
Record Kids: Everybody Hates Chris4.9
Cine Maior: The Attack5.9
Faro time5.4
sing with me teen7.5
Spectacular Sunday8.1
Record Camera4.2
District 212.8
Universal Church0.6
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.4
Newspaper of the Week2.0
foot on the road2.5
Always well1.7
SBT Sports1.7
Awesome news3.4
Jequiti Wheel by Wheel3.8
Tele Seine3.4
Nice Sunday5.4
Silvio Santos Program7.2
Midnight Session: The Trapalhões no Tail of the Comet3.3
Who hasn’t seen it will see: Uma Hora de Sucesso, Escolinha do Golias, Meu-in-law and SBT Realidade1.9
The Best of Connection Reporter1.7
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)2.2
Band Kids0.5
Acqualeste Swimming Pools0.3
Hyper Cap: Alto Tietê and Region0.5
Hyper Cap: ABC and Region0.6
formula 13.8
Formula 1: Hungarian GP4.8
Sport Show1.8
Stock Car: Interlagos Stage1.8
Sport Show1.7
Under-20 Brazilian Championship: Corinthians vs Vasco0.9
Sport Show0.8
3rd period2.7
perrengue in the band3.4
breaking bad1.4
Free Channel0.8
Show Business0.4
Savage Planet (replay)0.3
Formula 1: Hungarian Grand Prix (re-enactment)0.3
1st newspaper0.4

Each point represents 74,666 households and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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