Report will ask for the impeachment of Gabriel Monteiro this Tuesday; understand the next steps | Rio de Janeiro

The fate of councilor Gabriel Monteiro, from the PL, begins to be defined this Tuesday (2). After being denounced for breach of parliamentary decorum, councilor Chico Alencar, from PSOL – responsible for reporting the case at the Ethics Council -, will present his opinion.

The document will ask for the removal of the mandate of Gabriel Monteiroand took into account the complaints of employees and former employees of the councilor’s office, who accused the parliamentarian of moral, sexual harassment and rape – as shown in Fantástico.

The whistleblowers were heard at the Ethics Council and gave their version to the councilors, as well as Gabriel Monteiro, who presented his defense.

Gabriel Monteiro, councilor of Rio — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Here’s what happens to the councilor:

  • Tuesday (2) – the rapporteur of the Ethics Committee, councilor Chico Alencar will present his opinion on the impeachment based on the investigation and hearings made during the commission’s investigation;
  • Gabriel Monteiro will have five days to present his closing arguments based on this report. The deadline ends on Tuesday (9);
  • After that, the Ethics Council and its seven members meet again to vote on the document and determine what type of punishment will be recommended to the councilor;
  • Once the Council’s decision has been taken, the plenary of the Chamber must decide whether Gabriel Monteiro will be found innocent or guilty of the charge of breach of decorum, and if guilty, what the punishment will be.

Motion against forfeiture

Despite the stages of a possible cassation rite, there is already a movement so that, instead of cassation, Gabriel monteiro just be suspended.

Even if he cannot keep his position in the Rio de Janeiro City Council, Gabriel Monteiro intends to leave the legislative space soon, since on Friday (29), he registered a candidacy for federal deputy in the next election.

Among the documents presented by the councilor himself, there are certificates from the state and federal spheres of Justice – which contain several processes to which he responds.

Even if the Chamber decides on the cassation, if Gabriel Monteiro obtains the candidacy record approved by the Electoral Justice before that, the former PM may contest the October elections.

Gabriel Monteiro is already a defendant for filming sex with a teenager, which constitutes a crime in the Child and Adolescent Statute, and for harassment and sexual harassment committed against a former employee, in court.

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