Senator Mara Gabrilli will be confirmed as vice on the ticket with Simone Tebet

Agreement with PSDB parliamentarian should be made official by this Tuesday, 2; Toucan’s name had been mentioned in recent days and gained strength after Tasso Jereissati’s retreat

Marcos Oliveira / Agência SenadoMara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP)
Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP)

the senator Mara Gabrielli (PSDB-SP) is the name chosen for the vice on the senator’s ticket Simone Tebet (MDB-MS), third-way candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. The information was confirmed to Young pan by party interlocutors. The expectation is that the announcement will be made on Tuesday, 2nd. According to reports made to the report, Tebet and Gabrili should still meet this Monday, 1st, to settle the last details. The name of the tucana for vice on the emedebista ticket happens as a result of an agreement between the parties in Rio Grande do Sul, where the MDB withdrew the candidacy of state deputy Gabriel Souza to the local government and declared support for Eduardo Leite (PSDB), which also receives support from União Brasil and Podemos. The MDB-PSDB alliance also marks a new chapter in the toucan saga in the race to the Planalto Palace, which began with the choice of João Doria (PSDB-SP) in the party’s primaries, in November 2021, and was marked by the withdrawal of the former governor and internal splits.

The female ticket was confirmed by Tebet during a Saturday at Fiesp, this Monday, 1st. Although she did not mention Mara’s name, the senator signaled the national president of the PSDB, Bruno Araújo, reaffirming its commitment. “My deputy will be a woman because we are going to show that we women are so competent and prepared alongside this group of men. We will be together for you, together for our children and companions. Roberto Freire told me something that caught my attention: ‘Simone, you are the face of courage and love for Brazil’. So I close by saying that with courage and love we will rebuild Brazil”, highlighted the senator.

Simone Tebet has 2% of voting intentions, according to the latest Datafolha poll, released on Thursday, 29. The parliamentarian is also the last alternative of the so-called “democratic center”, also formed by Cidadania. Although she was confirmed as the MDB’s presidential candidate at a convention last Wednesday, 27th, Tebet faces resistance within the party itself. That’s because poor performance in polls is seen as risky by state directories. In the caption, the pro-Lula wing, led by Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB), defends the withdrawal of the candidacy and support for the former president, candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT) and leader of the electoral surveys with 47% of the votes. Before the choice of Gabrili, the name most quoted for the post of deputy on the ticket of Simone Tebet was that of also senator Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE), who was enthusiastic about the ally’s candidacy even before Doria’s withdrawal. Jereissati ends his term in the Senate this year and has been advised by family members to dedicate himself to personal projects. He is also seen as a kind of balance sheet for several agreements in Ceará, his home state.

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