‘The pain I feel is inexplicable’

The entrepreneur Abilio Diniz published on his Instagram profile, on Monday, 1st, a text in honor of his son, João Paulo Dinizwhat died last Sunday, 31, at age 58in Rio de Janeiro.

“Yesterday life gave me the hardest blow I could take and I’m completely grounded. The pain I feel is inexplicable. My son João Paulo left me at the age of 58, reversing the natural law of life,” wrote Abilio.

João Paulo Diniz was also a businessman. He was the founder of Componente, a company that had investments in the sports, gastronomy, mobility, startups and technology and real estate sectors in its portfolio.

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He also served on the board of Península Participações, an investment company owned by the Abilio Diniz family, and the Instituto Península, the family’s social organization that works with projects related to sport and education.

“João was that guy that everyone liked to have around. A respected athlete, who loved to practice any kind of sport, just like me. From an early age, sport was one of our biggest connections. Always smiling, he was a wonderful son who became one of my best friends”, continues Abilio. The businessman also says that the son was a “very loving” father and a “very companionable” husband.

João Paulo Diniz;  businessman died last Sunday, aged 58.
João Paulo Diniz; businessman died last Sunday, aged 58. Photograph: Iara Morselli/Estadão

Passionate about sports, João Paulo Diniz practiced triathlon and participated in numerous marathons and events around the world since the 1990s. He was also one of the creators of the Pão de Açúcar Relay Marathon, a race that became one of the most traditional street races of Sao Paulo. The businessman was known for projects to encourage the practice of sports.

In 2004, in the book “Abilio Diniz: Paths and choices”, Abilio revealed that her son had heart problems that made the doctors recommend that he stop playing sports.

“Son, I ask God to receive you with a lot of light and give strength to our whole family to face this sad and painful moment. John, I love you very much, my son, and I will always love you deeply. Thank you for the 58 years you spent with me, being my great companion. I don’t know how I’ll be able to live without you, but I also know that, somehow, I have to make it on behalf of my wife, my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren”, concludes Abilio. The businessman is also grateful for the messages of affection he has received.

See Abilio Diniz’s post about João Paulo below:

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