Virginia is sick, doctors are called and she is linked to an IV.

Doctors are called to Virgínia Fonseca’s house, who needed to take a serum

On the morning of this Monday (01), Virgínia Fonseca opened the game and gave details of how she is feeling, after all, ohinfluencer received a medical visit last Sunday.

Ze Felipe’s wife spent the day feeling unwell and had to take a drip, since he is unable to eat.

Therefore, Virginia Fonseca discovered the diagnosis of a virus through her obstetrician, but she continues to recover well and did not need to be taken to the hospital.

During an interview with Leo Dias’ column, from the ‘Metrópoles’ website, the famous told about her current clinical condition.

“Today I am a little better, I am more willing, but with colic and nausea”, said Virgínia Fonseca.

Virginia Fonseca alongside Zé Felipe (Photo: Disclosure)

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Zé Felipe, Maria Alice and Virgínia Fonseca (Reproduction)

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Zé Felipe and Virgínia Fonseca (Reproduction)

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In addition, on social media, the influencer also told her millions of followers about her slight improvement in the case.

“Okay guys, medication done, serum taken. I think it was four liters, to give me strength, because I hadn’t eaten anything”, said Virginia, after receiving the doctors at her home.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, Virgínia Fonseca needed to stay in the hospital for a few days because of a headache that was refractory to conventional analgesia, according to the medical bulletin released by Vila Nova Star.

Furthermore, in the newsletter, the doctors had informed that the pregnancy is proceeding normally without any intercurrences and the fetus is in good vitality.


Last week, singer Leonardo turned 59 years old. Thus, Virgínia Fonseca, along with her husband, Zé Felipe, disbursed the amount of 30 thousand to give a treat to the sertanejo.

The gift chosen was a necklace with three pendants, one blue in male format and two in pink in female format.

According to her, the pendants represent the singer himself and his two granddaughters, Maria Alice, one year old, and Maria Flor, who is still in Virginia’s belly.

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