With irresponsibility, São Paulo will not come out of quicksand

Let’s contextualize the environment of São Paulo before the game against Athletico-PR.

São had five wins in 19 games.

The team has suffered with embezzlement.

Rogério Ceni changed ten players in relation to the team that had won América-MG for the Copa do Brasil.

The team that took the field had seven to ten reserves. Absolute owner, only Miranda. Possible starters: Pablo Maia, Galoppo and debutant Felipe Alves.

After the victory over América, Ceni was emphatic in saying that São Paulo would need to score in Curitiba.

Athletico were playing better. He scored a goal – correctly disallowed – and the first half ended goalless.

So, with all this pressure, in the 5th minute, debutant Felipe Alves tried to dribble a defender in the area and scored a penalty.

Defended, but it’s the least.

It was an inadmissible, absurd mistake by a player who didn’t understand anything about the game’s surroundings.

And the most worrying thing for fans is to think that everything can be repeated.

After all, if Cássio is the Giant, for defending a lot with his hands, Felipe Alves is the Iceman, for being very confident with the ball at his feet.

Nothing against building plays from the goalkeeper, but how many goals will come out like that?

São Paulo’s goal is to reach Libertadores. The way via Brasileiro was troubled. Now, after the defeat, it became much more complicated – he is in tenth place in the Brazilian Championship, with 26 points, eight behind the athletic-PR, which closes the G4.

The team has a narrow margin of error. You need to have full focus. A lot of responsability. With jokes, it will hit the wall. It won’t get anywhere.

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