‘A piece of me was ripped off’, says mother of dead girl in Grande BH – Gerais

Luciene receives community support in a time of mourning
Very shaken, Luciene supported by her neighbors in the Mantiqueira neighborhood, in Ribeiro das Neves (photo: Juarez Rodrigues/ EM/ DA Press)

Mother of Brbara Vitria, a 10-year-old girl found dead this Tuesday (2/8) in Ribeiro das Neves, in Greater BH, Luciene Vitalino could barely stand at the end of this afternoon. “They took a piece of me away,” she told friends who supported her as she walked along a soccer field in Bairro Mantiqueira, in Belo Horizonte. The site is on the border with Ribeiro das Neves, about 500 meters from the bush where the child’s body was found with signs of violence.

The crime mobilized the region throughout the day. Residents organized an act to honor Barbara and demand justice. The movement lasted about three hours, on the football field. There, hundreds of people carried white balloons, held placards and said prayers. The victim’s mother was accompanied by her son Ryan, 15 years old. Participants provided a chair for her to sit on. Heartbroken, the woman fainted and felt sick several times.

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Therapist Elizabete Carvalho is one of the participants in the tribute, which she considers a movement from outside the community to prevent new violent occurrences.

“I’ve already offered help to my mother, because I need support at this moment when the family’s emotions are completely unstructured, they need to be assisted and accompanied. Acts like this that change things, society cannot accept. And it has to be that way, we can’t let it be forgotten because there are many Barbarians there. This has already happened to many families and they did not even find the bodies of the children or women who had been raped,” she said.

The community remains mobilized until Wednesday (3/8), when two buses must leave the Mantiqueira neighborhood for a new protest. The movement is scheduled for 7:00 am at Funerria Dom Bosco, in front of Odilon Behrens Hospital, in Bairro So Cristvo, in Belo Horizonte.

Colleagues mobilized

The news of Barbara’s death after the tension caused by the disappearance also touched the girl’s school friends. Several of them spent the afternoon showing solidarity around the victim’s family home.

A march is scheduled for Wednesday to celebrate the memory of Barbara, who was described by her classmates as a very dear girl in the school environment. At around 10 am, classes will be paralyzed so that students and teachers walk through the streets of the neighborhood in honor.

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