Arrascaeta’s goal is legal? Former referees evaluate

The game between Corinthians and Flamengo, valid for the Libertadores quarterfinals and which took place tonight at the Neo Química Arena, was marked by a controversy in the bid that took zero off the scoreboard. The match ended in 2 to 0 for the cariocas.

In the 35th minute of the 1st half, Arrascaeta scored for the visitors in a move that raised doubts among the fans (watch below).

After disarming Pedro while still in the defense field, Corinthians midfielder Cantillo made a throw while still surrounded by opposing players. The ball deflected slightly at Arrascaeta’s foot and, already at the top, hit João Gomes’ arm.

Following, the bid was clean for the Uruguayan midfielder himself, who hit a beautiful kick in Cássio’s angle and made the Flamenguistas party.

Meanwhile, Corinthians asked for annulment of the bid, claiming hand of the steering wheel of the team commanded by Dorival Júnior.

For former referees interviewed by the UOL Esportethe goal was well signaled by referee Patricio Loustau.

“The goal is cool. First, João Gomes has his arm glued to his body, it was not intentional. If he was the one to score the goal, he would have to cancel it, because he [João Gomes] would benefit from that ball. But as it was a ball in the hand and left for another player, the goal is legal”, started Alfredo Loebeling, who detailed the current rule.

“The rule says that no goal can come from a handball, whether intentional or not. [a bola] hit Arrascaeta and he scored the goal himself, he would have to cancel. As it hits another player unintentionally and over and over, the goal is legal”, he concluded.

Carlos Eugênio Simon agreed with Loebeling’s opinion. “Nice goal. João Gomes’ arm is close to his body, it was an accidental touch. Game that follows”, said the former judge who now works as a commentator. He also stressed that if Arrascaeta were in João Gomes’ place, the bid should be annulled.

José Aparecido de Oliveira reinforced the natural position of João Gomes’ arm in the play. “It happens that the ball hit João Gomes’ arm unintentionally, and he didn’t take advantage of the shot.”

Nadine Basttos, referee commentator for the SBT broadcast, also said that the Flamengo midfielder did not expand “the body space”.

“In fact, [a bola] hit João Gomes on the arm, but it’s an unintentional hand. It neither dominates nor expands the body space. It’s an accidental hand. As it was not he who scored, but Arrascaeta, the goal is validated. The goal is cool,” she said.

Lance was illegal until 2021

In July last year, the International Board (IFAB), the body responsible for maintaining the rules of football, started new guidelines in relation to the interpretations of arbitration.

Prior to this period, one of the rules stated that if any player unintentionally touched the ball with his hand in attack, the move had to be disallowed during a “manifest scoring occasion”.

With the new determination, things changed. If the accidental touch of an athlete initiates an assist for the scorer of a goal, the play must be validated by the referees.

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