Beneficiaries of AUXÍLIO BRASIL can PRE-REGISTER to receive the consigned credit; understand

The start of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. After the text is approved in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Federal Senate, the President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) needs to sanction measure. Sources heard by the press believe that the measure will be approved in August. Prior to release, financial institutions are offering a pre-register for credit.

Beneficiaries of AUXÍLIO BRASIL can PRE-REGISTER to receive the consigned credit;  understand
Beneficiaries of AUXÍLIO BRASIL can PRE-REGISTER to receive the consigned credit; understand (Image: FDR)

The text provides that the consignment margin of Auxílio Brasil is up to 40%. This means that when contracting the loan, the beneficiary can Commit up to 40% of your salary to the payment of installments. When the amount considered was BRL 400, the margin represented BRL 160, considering the BRL 600 announced from August onwards, the commitment may be BRL 240.

Although the modality is not yet available for contracting, the beneficiaries are already receiving proposals for apply for the Auxílio Brasil loan. Banking agents report that it works as a pre registration in which the citizen is in a kind of queue waiting for the measure to be approved.

One of the options, for example, is the PAN Bank. There are reports of people who managed to simulate contracting a loan in the name of aid in this institution. For this, it was enough to inform the RG, CPF, bank account and the family code of the benefit.

Experts believe that large banks should not offer payroll. The interest rate has not yet been announced, but it will revolve around 5% per month. O payment term will be up to two yearsthat is, 24 installments.

Be careful when hiring the Auxílio Brasil consignment

The great differential of the payroll loan is that the payment of installments has a direct discount on the payroll. This means that Auxílio Brasil recipients must be aware that for a period of two years they will receive 40% less benefit.

One of the concerns is related precisely to the commitment of the benefit to the credit. Until December of this year, the balance will be R$ 600 and the amount to pay the loan may be R$ 240. However, from January, the installment of R$ 400 returnsand this means that the family will commit more than 50% of its benefit to the payment of debts.

Another point discussed by experts is about the interest rate that can greatly increase the amount to be borrowed. As the big banks have not shown interest in offering this credit, the smaller cooperatives must release the money, but charging higher interest.

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