Bizarre God of War Copy Launches on Xbox Store

For those who have been waiting for the opportunity to play God of War on their Xbox or compatible device, the time is now….or almost. Recently, publisher Dolaka LTD released a new adventure for a character like Kratos called War Gods Zeus of Child, where the Ghost of Sparta invades the “best war game ever made” to exterminate endless hordes of opponents.

With ultra-realistic physics, dynamic movement, a thrilling soundtrack and eye-popping combos, the game puts the franchise’s legendary soldier in a coliseum. Alongside Leviathan, the hero defends his position against enemies from all directions, swinging his ax as he brutally eliminates opponents and scores… It’s a prank!

In fact, War Gods Zeus of Child is an odd mixture of God of War and Resident Evil, where the only thing that can be used in the sagas is a Kratos with a dodgy look and a Tyrant capable of floating with each damage. In addition, the title consists of an infinite loop of pressing buttons that ends only when the God of War dies or the player gives up.

Check out the video below (via Game Clips and Tips):

The copy of God of War can be purchased through the Xbox Store for R$ 15.45. According to its description, it is necessary to destroy “all enemies and creatures” with “your weapon”, launching “various combos” and feeling “the power of the warning god”.

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