Bolsonaro calls Barroso a criminal and accuses Fux of fake news

President criticizes defense of electronic voting machines and summoned supporters to parades on September 7

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) once again criticized ministers of the Federal Supreme Court. He said this Tuesday (2.Aug.2022) that Roberto Barroso is a liar and criminal. also declared that the president of the court, Luiz Fux, erred in defending electronic voting machines on Monday (1st August).

“I respect Fux, every now and then we exchange a few words. He is Chief of Power. But at the very least, to be polite, [a fala foi] mistaken. Or fake news. Fux should be answering the process in the inquiry there by Alexandre de Moraes if it was a serious inquiry and not this lie and deception”, said in an interview with Radio Guaíba.

“In my understanding, President Fux verbalizes what I call, something to defend oneself, corporatism. I’m not attacking the Supreme by any means, but since [o sistema eleitoral] is so evolved, why the UK, Japan, South Korea, US, UK, Italy don’t use it?”added Bolsonaro.

Regarding Barroso, the Chief Executive repeated that there was “direct interference” of the minister within the National Congress in the vote on the PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) of the vote printed by the Chamber of Deputies. Political interference is a crime under the Constitution, and Barroso is a criminal“.

“Political interference is a crime under the Constitution. Barroso is a criminal […] then he goes to the UK saying they wanted to resurrect the paper vote as it used to be. Barroso, you are a liar, a liar.”

7th of September

This Tuesday, Bolsonaro also again called on supporters to take to the streets on the holiday of September 7. “I had never called for a street movement. We are here inviting the population”.

According to the Chief Executive, troops from the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, the Military Police, the Agulhas Negras Military Academy, the Fire Department, the Military College and some civil schools in Rio de Janeiro will parade for approximately 1 hour in Copacabana. , in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

Bolsonaro said that the presence of protests at the event will be natural, but said he was against the request for the closure of institutions. “There must be some protests, of course. On our part, no one will want a protest to close this or that. Morally, some institutions are closing in Brazil. Morally. And we can win this war within the 4 lines”.

In the interview, the president said that one of the main mottos of the protests will be the transparency” of the electoral process. He countered criticism from opponents who accuse him of planning a coup to stay in power.

“Nobody is asking or saying that there will be no elections. We will have elections. Now, what we want is transparency when voting and counting”, said. And added: “They try to throw me to one side as if I were preparing a coup. What blow am I preparing? Ask for electoral transparency?”

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