Bolsonaro says diesel price could fall – 02/08/2022 – Mercado

Two months before the election, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this Tuesday (2) that the price of diesel could fall, despite the state company having said otherwise four days ago. On another front, the Chief Executive also promised to correct the Income Tax table next year.

“Brent abroad yesterday dropped around US$ 100. It is a sign that you can reduce fuel at Petrobras again, perhaps diesel. This is not a crystal ball. If the dollar falls, the tendency is also to fall”, Bolsonaro said in an interview with Rádio Guaíba.

Petrobras twice reduced the price of gasoline, which had already been heavily impacted by tax cuts passed by Congress.

Diesel, on the other hand, already had zero federal taxes and ICMS (state tax) below the established ceiling and did not drop at the pumps.

The director of Commercialization and Logistics at Petrobras, Cláudio Mastella, said on Friday (29) that he did not expect a drop in diesel until the end of the year, given the scenario of problems in supply and proximity to winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

“We see a scenario of maintaining the prices of derivatives similar to the current ones, especially in the case of diesel, which has an impact of the approach of winter in the northern hemisphere”, said the executive, in a conference call with analysts to detail the balance of the second quarter. .

The fuel is used mainly by truck drivers, who make up an important part of Bolsonaro’s electoral base. He is seeking reelection this year, but is in second place in polls, behind former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

In the last Datafolha, the current president appeared 18 points behind the PT, with 47% against 29%.

Bolsonaro also rescued an old electoral promise, this Tuesday, and said that he intends to update the Income Tax table in 2023 and that the change will already be included in the Budget Guidelines Law, in the National Congress.

“It’s already been talked about with Paulo Guedes, there will be an update of the income tax table for next year. It’s already guaranteed, I don’t know the percentage. It’s becoming an income reducer, not a table”, he said.

The Chief Executive also attributed the failure to fulfill his promise to date to the coronavirus pandemic.

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