Christian Democracy makes official Eymael’s sixth candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic in SP | Elections 2022 in Sao Paulo

The Christian Democracy (DC) party made official this Tuesday (2), at a national convention at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp), the candidacy of José Maria Eymael for the Presidency of the Republic. He will run for the sixth time.

National conventions mark confirmation of a candidate. According to the calendar set by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the period runs from July 20 to August 5. After the convention, the party is able to register the candidacy — the deadline is August 15th. Two candidates have already registered their candidacies: Sofia Manzano (PCB) and Pablo Marçal (Pros).

Known for the jingle “Ey, Ey, Eymael, um Christian Democrat”, launched in 1985, when he ran for mayor of São Paulo for the first time, Eymael will be a record holder for participation in presidential races, alongside Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT ), with six nominations.

“With great emotion I say that my name has been approved by the conventional as the next President of the Federative Republic of Brazil”, said the candidate.

“The central commitment of Christian Democracy is the commitment to family values. We all have this commitment, looking at Brazilians, taking care of Brazilians, taking care of each other, this is what the nation expects from the next President of the Republic. president will have a brand: that brand is Christian Democracy”

Candidate rejects right, left, or center labels. According to him, the DC party has a purpose of transforming politics and the state. The acronym is based on the Christian democracy movement, which advocates the inclusion of Christian principles in politics.

The party also confirmed 34 candidates for the position of Federal Deputy and 30 candidates for State Deputy for São Paulo. The delegate Marco Antonio Azkoul was announced by the party as the candidate for the Senate.

Born in Porto Alegre, José Maria Eymael has a degree in philosophy and law. He began his political career in 1962, when he joined the Christian Democratic Party (PDC).

The first attempt to the Planalto was in 1998 by the then PSDC. He tried four more times (2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018). The best performance was obtained in the first one – 171,827 votes.

See the candidate’s political trajectory:

  • 1962: joined the Christian Democratic Party (PDC).
  • 1982: he ran for the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) for the position of state deputy for São Paulo, but was not elected.
  • 1985: he ran for Mayor of São Paulo for the PDC and came in ninth place, with 4,187 votes. It was in this campaign that the jingle “Ey, Ey, Eymael, a Christian Democrat” was launched.
  • 1986: was elected constituent federal deputy for São Paulo by the PDC.
  • nineteen ninety: was re-elected constituent federal deputy for São Paulo.
  • 1992: he tried for the second time for the post of mayor of São Paulo and came in fifth place, with 27,627 votes.
  • 1993: left the PDC after the party’s merger with the PDS.
  • 1995: founded the Social Christian Democracy Party (PSDC), which would change its name in 2017 to Christian Democracy.
  • 1998: ran for the first time for the Presidency of the Republic;
  • 2006: again contested presidential elections;
  • 2010: he tried for the third time to be president of the Republic;
  • 2012: he ran for mayor of São Paulo, but lost the election;
  • 2014: he ran for the fourth time for the presidency of the Republic;
  • 2018: he ran for the presidency of the Republic for the fifth time;

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