Cid Moreira does not want to reconcile with children: ‘I was dishonored’

The 94-year-old presenter says he ‘was thrown in the trash because of money’ and that he doesn’t want to get back together with his sons Roger and Rodrigo

Reproduction/Instagram/ocidmoreira/16.07.2021Cid Moreira speaking
The presenter also gave details of the relationship with the children.

The host Cid Moreira do not want to reconcile with their children Rodrigo52, and roger, 45. At 94, Cid said he was dishonored and thrown in the trash for money. “I have no interest in getting close. I was dishonored. I’m watching a series called resurrection, which speaks a lot of honor, of word. I was thrown in the trash because of money. And it was the second time they tried. The first one, they made a ripple and such, but in the second one, as the internet grew, it caught fire. But it was all without proof and the people, by audience, opened the doors”, said the presenter in an interview with Who. Cid also stated that he has always fulfilled his financial commitments and that his current partner, Fátima, is currently taking care of him. “I work a lot to this day. I’ve never been sued for failing to pay something in my entire life, just to go around talking nonsense. They wanted to interdict me and take care of me. Who takes care of me is Fátima and very well, as you can see. It was a high price I paid for fame. But Roger acted badly from the first time he tried to dishonor me,” he stated.

In another moment, Cid Moreira gives details about the relationship with Roger and says that they already worked together for a short period of time; “The story is as follows. This man is my ex-wife’s nephew. His parents are still alive. So, he was a smart kid, he played with sound. When I started recording the Bible, it was with him, but I’m a demanding guy and when I don’t like a recording, I repeat it a thousand times if necessary. I wanted to record and the guy was unwilling. I thanked and dismissed. He doesn’t want to work here, he goes to work with his ex at her beauty salon,” said Cid, who also revealed that he adopted Roger under the influence of his ex-wife, Ulhiana Naumtchyk. “Influenced by her, I ended up adopting him out of gratitude, because he was working with me. I don’t know why I did it. It was the biggest mistake I’ve done in my life. This guy goes to the media to say I was malnourished. It’s a total absurdity, because not even in my childhood when my father was poor, we went hungry. A lot of people believed that and I entered a nightmare. But the truth is one. They went to court and lost,” concluded Cid.

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