CVC is fined BRL 363,000 for selling Avianca tickets in 2020

CVC, a tourism company, was fined for selling Avianca airline tickets in 2020 without informing customers about the risk of flight cancellations. At the time, Avianca was in bankruptcy proceedings.

The fine of R$ 363,046.25 was determined by Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat) of the Ministry of Justice. wanted by UOLCVC says that it acted “in strict accordance with the determinations of the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) and that it has full respect for its consumers” (see below).

In the action, CVC claimed that it could not foresee that Avianca would face operational difficulties to the point of interrupting activities. Senacon considers that CVC violated the Consumer Protection Code by not informing consumers about the risk and serious restrictions on Avianca’s activities.

The decision announced yesterday is final and cannot be appealed. The deadline for payment of the fine is 30 days and the resources will be destined to the Fund for the Defense of Diffuse Rights, which maintains projects to prevent damage to the environment, to historical and artistic heritage, to the consumer and to other diffuse, individual interests. or collectives.

See the position of CVC:

“CVC informs that, in light of SENACON’s recent decision, it reiterates that it acted in strict accordance with the ANAC’s determinations existing at the time and in strict compliance with the Law. to its consumers, in the context of the AVIANCA crisis, given that all assistance was provided.

CVC reiterates once again the total respect for its consumers, which is the CVC brand in its 50 years of history.

The company emphasizes that it values ​​respect and transparency with all its customers and partners and continues with its service channels available for any questions.”

*with Brazil agency

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