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Convicted of the death of actress Daniella Perez, which occurred in December 1992, former actor Guilherme de Pádua published a video on his YouTube account in which he apologizes to Daniella’s mother, the author of novels Gloria Perez, this Tuesday (2) .

“That’s not what I imagined”, he says, saying that he did not want the apology to be made on video and that at various times he tried to contact lawyers for the parties involved or ask someone to mediate a meeting between him and the victim’s mother. “But maybe I’ll never have the real possibility to apologize for that,” he continues. “I ask your forgiveness for all the suffering I caused you”, he says, addressing Gloria Perez.

Padua then extends the apology to Daniella Perez’s husband, Raul Gazzola, who would have welcomed the former actor with a hug when he arrived at the police station without knowing of his involvement in the crime. “There I saw that I was the worst person in the world. Never in my life have I felt something like that moment”, adds the former actor.

Padua begins the video by stating that, since the release of “Pacto Brutal”, HBO Max’s documentary miniseries that commemorates the murder and has become an audience phenomenon, he has been confronted as to the veracity of his “Christian sentiment” – the former actor became pastor of the Lagoinha Baptist Church, in his hometown of Belo Horizonte, five years ago.

Padua then goes on to introduce a montage with other moments in which he would have shown his desire to apologize to Gloria Perez, taken from interviews with press vehicles in previous years.

Padua was not interviewed for the HBO Max production. Even before anyone questioned the option, Gloria Perez and the directors stated that his version of the case is in the case file and that talking to them today would be to “give a stage for a psychopath” and revictimize the victim.

remember the case

On the night of December 28, 1992, Daniella Perez’s body was found in a thicket in Barra da Tijuca, pierced by about 18 stab wounds that, performed with scissors, injured her lungs and heart.

Both Guilherme de Pádua and Paula Thomaz were convicted of qualified homicide and sentenced to almost 20 years in prison, after the popular jury accepted the prosecution’s thesis that the couple premeditated the crime — she, out of jealousy of her husband; he, out of revenge against the author of the novel, since her role in the plot was being reduced. The actor did not want to let the romance of the plot end, that is what defends the thesis of “Brutal Pact”.

The two have different versions. Paula Thomaz denies that she participated. Guilherme de Pádua, who, in testimonies to the police, had taken the blame, later went on to support the thesis that his then wife, filled with jealousy over the relationship between the two partners on the scene, is the one who had grappled with Daniella Perez in the thicket.

In the video now posted on YouTube, Padua claims several times that he is “someone who has committed a crime”. “I’m not a normal person, obviously. Someone who has committed a crime has a thousand thoughts that are not common,” he says.

The police even arrived from Padua because of a witness who would have seen his car, with the tampered plate, at the crime scene, shortly before the actress’s body was left there. The court concluded that the actor and his wife set up an ambush against the victim. Both were convicted of qualified murder and sentenced to 19 years in prison and are now at liberty.

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