Defense Ministry asks for ‘urgent’ access to the ballot box source code

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Access to the source codes of the electoral system is released by the TSE 180 days before the election to the parties, OAB Ministério Público (photo: Pixabay/Reproduction)

The Minister of Defense, Paulo Srgio Nogueira, asked, this Tuesday (2/8), that the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) make available the source code of electronic voting machines. The letter requests “urgent” access.

The document is addressed to Minister Edson Fachin, president of the TSE. The deadline stipulated by Nogueira for receiving the code is from August 2nd to 12th.
According to the text, the request is part of the Ministry’s demands for inspection and audits at the polls.

“I request Your Excellency to make available the source codes of the electoral systems, more specifically the Counting System (SA), the Voting System (Vota), the SA and Vote Application Log System and the Totalization System (SisTot), that will be used in the 2022 electoral process”, says the document.

Access to the electoral system source codes is granted to political parties, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and the Public Ministry (MP) 180 days before the election.
With open access, it is possible to test the technology used during the elections. Thus, finding possible flaws and suggesting corrections.

According to the TSE, during the opening period of codes, the inspection of the systems can be carried out as follows:

  • Use of market code analysis tools. Two tools are provided by TSE: Understanding C and Source Navigator;
  • Representatives can request improvements, ask questions, or talk to the technical team.

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