Guilherme de Pádua asks Glória Perez and Raul Gazolla for forgiveness for the murder of Daniella Perez

William of Padua broke the silence and published a video in which he apologizes to Gloria Perez and Raul Gazolla for the murder of Daniella Perez. The former actor and now pastured addressed the words to the mother and then-husband of the actress.

Guilherme de Padua killed Daniella Perez in 1992 along with his ex-wife Paula Thomaz.

“I know that this apology may not mean anything, but I want to put it on record,” he said. According to Padua, he always dreamed of apologizing to the actress and dancer’s family.

Video by Guilherme de Padua is titled “Apologizing”; watch:

To Gloria Perez he said: “Glória Perez, I ask your forgiveness for all the suffering I caused you. I never forgot that meeting in the jail. I never forgot”.

As for Raul Gazolla, with whom he even spoke and hugged a few hours after killing Daniella, the pastor commented: “I beg your pardon. I never forgot the day I was called to the police station, you were there and dragged yourself to the She hugged me crying. And there I saw that I was the worst person in the world”.


Guilherme begins the video warning that he recorded the video so that “many people, including some Christians”, do not believe in his “conversion“.

“Although it seems strange to me for a Christian to ‘seal’ when judging that another person is not a real Christian, I don’t take away the reason of those who doubt my conversion. Even because I often wake up and ask God. Or I want to somehow ease the guilt I feel in myself”, he says.

He even talks about his feelings, saying that he “is not a normal person” as he has committed a crime and no person who has ever broken the law “is normal”.

William of Padua today

Currently, Guilherme de Pádua is pastor of the Baptist Church of Lagoinha in Belo Horizonte. He remarried and came to share many moments with his family in masses and religious campaigns.

The former actor became an evangelical convert in 2002. He graduated in theology with his new wife, Juliana Lacerda, in November 2017.

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