how much does it cost to keep the two “cheapest” cars in the country?

With every rise in the price of cars, the Fiat Mobi it’s the Renault Kwid end up entering the dispute over which will be the cheapest vehicle in Brazil. Despite being entry-level models, the cars are still expensive, currently not going for less than R$63,000.

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Both the Mobi and the Kwid continue to be highly sought after by companies and people who are buying their first brand new vehicle. The reason is related to low fuel consumption and maintenance cost, especially when the models are placed against higher categories.

But it is wrong that vehicles have no expenses. A survey carried out by KBB Brazil showed which of the two entry-level vehicles in Brazil presents less expenses for the driver’s pocket, whether in fuel, overhauls and parts prices. Check out!

Fiat Mobi x Renault Kwid: which vehicle is cheaper to maintain?

Check below a comparison of values ​​​​between the expenses necessary for the maintenance of both cars:

PartsFiat Mobi LikeRenault Kwid Zen
right side headlightBRL 812.73BRL 676.18
Right side mirrorBRL 1,253.60BRL 282.47
Front bumperBRL 2,207.64BRL 653.38
Right taillightBRL 541.77BRL 497.95
air conditioning filterBRL 64.05BRL 41.30
engine air filterBRL 47.00BRL 50.00
Shock absorbers (four)BRL 1,657.66BRL 1,519.60
front brake padsBRL 300.25BRL 369.80
engine oil filterBRL 42.47BRL 55.87
Fuel filterBRL 19.30BRL 46.45
TotalBRL 6,946.47BRL 4,193
  • Overhaul costs up to 60,000 km
ReviewsFiat Mobi LikeRenault Kwid Zen
10,000 km or 1 yearBRL 436.00BRL 451.70
20,000 km or 2 yearsBRL 568.00BRL 511.21
30,000 km or 3 yearsBRL 892.00BRL 511.21
40,000 km or 4 yearsBRL 752.00BRL 862.33
50,000 km or 5 yearsBRL 588.00BRL 570.72
60,000 km or 6 yearsBRL 1,844.00BRL 821.60
TotalBRL 5,080BRL 3,728.77

Fiat Mobi Like: can do 9.6 km/l with ethanol or 13.5 km/l with gasoline in the city. On the road, the subcompact presented averages of 10.4 km/l when using ethanol and 15 km/l with gasoline.

Renault Kwid Zen: presented averages of 10.8 km/l with ethanol and 15.3 km/l with gasoline in the city. Meanwhile, on the road, the model registered 11 km/l with ethanol and 15.7 km/l when fueled with gasoline.

The collection of the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) rate varies by state. In general, the tax percentage is applied to the vehicle’s market value calculated by the Fipe table.

In that sense, there is not much difference in price between Mobi and Kwid. In São Paulo, for example, whose IPVA is 4%, drivers of both models pay around R$ 2,500 a year.

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