Immortal Diablo | Player can’t find matches after spending $100,000

One of the main controversies in Immortal Diablo is the fact that the game involves microtransactions that help the player to strengthen himself in the gameplay, the classic pay to win, or “pay to win” in Portuguese. Content creator “jtisallbusiness” has taken this to a whole new level.

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The streamer posted a video whose title translates to: “Should I ask for a 100K refund on Diablo Immortal?”. He explains that he spent $100,000 (about R_jobs(data.content)nbsp;523,000 at current rates) to improve his in-game character. Because of this, he has become so powerful thanks to the purchase mechanics, that his win percentage is too high and unusual for the game to find competitors at the same level to battle the streamer in the PvP arena (player against player).


Therefore, he is unable to participate in competitive matches as matchmaking does not work. According to the youtuber, he tried to search for a match for 48 to 72 hours, but to no avail. He even informed Blizzard about the issue, who said they are working on resolving this error. But according to “jitsallbusiness”, nothing has been done so far. The streamer’s clan, “OneTimes”, is competing in the Rite of Exile as part of the endgame content of Immortal Diablo. However, to be able to help his teammates, he needs to participate in a match against players.

To some in the community, this proves the point of the negative criticism of Blizzard’s policy of turning the game into something reliant on microtransactions. Among the channel’s comments, the main ones are all in favor of the content creator getting what he “deserved”, because of the absurd amount he says he spent. The comment with the most likes sets the tone: “You’re the reason Blizzard will continue to make games like this. Vote with your wallet.”

Immortal Diablo is available for PC and Android and iOS devices.

Editor’s Note: At this time, Activision Blizzard is being investigated for allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct.

Source: Kotaku

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