Iranian court sentences three people to lose an eye – News

An Iranian court sentenced two men and a woman to lose an eye after finding them guilty of doing the same to their victims, Tehran’s Hamshahri newspaper reported on Tuesday.

They were convicted under the law of talion, which determines reciprocity between crime and punishment. The rule is applied most frequently in Iran in murder cases, and victims’ relatives must expressly request its application.

In one case, a young woman threw acid on her neighbor, who lost an eye after an argument in 2011, according to the paper. The aggressor was sentenced to lose her right eye, in addition to imprisonment and a fine. The sentence was confirmed by the higher court.

The second case took place in 2017, when a man stabbed a relative, who lost an eye.

In the third, in 2018, a man shot a hunting gun at a friend, who lost the sight in his left eye.

According to Hamshahri, “these cases were referred to the criminal court in Tehran for the execution of the sentence.”

Amnesty International and many human rights organizations repeatedly denounce this type of punishment as torture.

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