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Deolane Bezerra was defeated in court and remains without the right to recover her luxury cars
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Deolane Bezerra was defeated in court and remains without the right to recover her luxury cars

Deolane Bezerra suffered the first defeat in court when trying to recover two luxury cars that were seized by the Police on July 13 after she became the target of an investigation for being suspected of actively participating in a pyramid scheme promoted by the company BETZORD that has the widow. by MC Kevin (1998-2021) as a poster girl. The two cars together are valued at more than R$1.6 million.

Deolane’s lawyer claimed that the police authority who went to the digital influencer’s residence exceeded in their activity and ended up taking the two cars, which were not listed among the items determined by the Justice that should be collected for the investigation.

The widow had collected by the police a Land Rover car, model DISC D300 HSE, valued at R$ 648,200.00, and also a Porsche Carrera C, which has an estimated value of R$ 975,201.00. Together, the cars total R$ 1,623,401.00.

In her defense, Deolane is still outraged and warned that the police authority can be sued for the appropriation of someone else’s property, since her cars were lawfully acquired, the result of her work as a digital influencer.

The lawyer for MC Kevin’s widow also says that only electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers, should be seized, because, in her interpretation under the court order, they were the only platforms that could have a connection with the eventual crimes committed by the company BETZORD.

Upon learning of the request for the return of the cars, the Public Ministry of São Paulo took action and also said that investigations are ongoing. And that Deolane is one of the suspects of participating in the crimes of embezzlement, criminal association, ideological falsehood, crime against the popular economy and the criminal misdemeanor of gambling.

As Deolane is one of the main promoters of the “artificial intelligence robot”, which has the purpose of obtaining an undue economic advantage from those who are attracted by the marketing actions carried out by the widow, she ended up seizing the cars because they were goods that may have been acquired with the values ​​she profited from the campaigns she made for BETZORD.

Judge Thais Fortunato Bim, from the São Paulo Court of Justice, accepted the Public Ministry’s request and reinforced the thesis that the cars may have been acquired through the profits she obtained from actions carried out in partnership with the investigated company.

“I reject, for the time being, the requests made, for the restitution of the seized assets or for the appointment of the applicant as the trustee of the assets”, said the judge in her order.

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