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Klara Castanho appears in the first video on social networks since she had an exposed pregnancyReproduction / Instagram

Published 02/08/2022 21:44 | Updated 08/02/2022 21:50

Rio – Klara Castanho published a video on Instagram Stories, for the first time since her pregnancy was exposed and revealed that she had been a victim of sexual violence. The 21-year-old actress used social media on Tuesday night to update fans on her status after the repercussions of her case and took the opportunity to talk about her new projects.

“First of all I would like to thank you for all the love, affection, care and reception that I receive and have received. I would like to thank everyone who shared their own story. I’m going back to work. Me and my family, we are recovering, recovering our strength, we are living one day after another”, began the artist.

Then, Klara said that she has already started preparations for the second season of the series “De Volta aos 15”, with Maisa Silva and Camila Queiroz. The actress soon amended the work that will be released in a few hours on Netflix: “Today, I come to talk about the second season of ‘Good Morning, Veronica’, which premieres at dawn on the 3rd. Angela is very important to me, I hope you receive it very well. It’s a work that I’m very proud of, and I hope you like it. Once again, thank you very much”, he concluded.

The new episodes of the series starring Tainá Müller follow the police officer Veronica, who continues the investigation of a corruption scheme even after being presumed dead. The protagonist ends up getting involved with the mysteries of a religious group led by a pastor, played by Reynaldo Gianechinni, who sexually abuses his own daughter. Ester Dias, Camila Márdila and Pedro Nercessian reinforce the cast of the plot.

remember the case

Klara Castanho became one of the most talked about topics on social media at the end of June, when columnist Leo Dias and presenter Antonia Fontenelle released the case of an actress who became pregnant after being a victim of rape. After several speculations, Klara went public to admit that she was the young woman in question and exposed the series of violence she suffered until revealing the situation. At the time, the artist reported having been threatened by a nurse after giving birth to a baby that she gave up for adoption, following the legal procedures.

At the end of last month, the São Paulo Regional Nursing Council and Hospital e Maternidade Brasil announced that they had opened an investigation to investigate the leak of information about Klara. A day later, Coren-SP inspected the hospital and warned that it was awaiting release of internal documents to proceed with the investigation of the facts and identification of those involved in the actress’s case. However, earlier this month, the health unit denied Coren-SP access to Klara’s medical records, claiming that the institution needs prior authorization from the actress to have access to the document.

Actress sues Antonia Fontenelle

Klara Castanho is suing Antonia Fontenelle for moral damages. According to Jornal O Globo, in a first decision, the judge of the 2nd civil court in Barra da Tijuca denied the actress’ request for Antonia’s video to be removed from the internet. The lawsuit filed by Klara seeks compensation of BRL 100,000 after the youtuber published a video in which she exposes and criticizes the delivery of a newborn baby for adoption.

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