Klara Castanho did not have scenes changed in Bom Dia, Verônica – 02/08/2022 – Illustrated

When Klara Castanho made public the fact that she was a victim of rape in June, after a pregnancy was exposed by journalists and influencers, rumors spread that Netflix would change some of her scenes in the second season of “Good Morning, Veronica”. The cuts, however, were denied by streaming.

The new episodes were already recorded when the case came to light and were not subjected to a new edit. The chapters that arrive on the platform this Wednesday (3), therefore, follow what had been originally planned for Castanho’s character.

In “Good Morning, Veronica”, the actress plays the daughter of a religious leader who sexually abuses women by promising them the cure for different ailments. Inside the house, however, he also sexually harasses the character, a teenager.

Among the scenes are passages in which the father, played by Reynaldo Gianecchini, is naked in front of his daughter, asks her to sit on his lap or runs her hand over her thighs. Later in the season, the situation worsens when the girl replaces her mother in the so-called healing rituals, witnessing the religious leader’s sexual assaults against his faithful.

In the scenes where Castanho is the highlight, however, there is a certain subtlety and nothing is done in a very graphic way. In this new season, “Good Morning, Veronica” shows the title character, played by Tainá Müller, trying to make public the villain’s crimes, as well as a criminal organization he commands.

Müller and Castanho get together on stage for the first time since 2008, when they shared a dressing room in the soap opera “Revelação”, shown by SBT. At the time, the second was just eight years old and at the beginning of her career. “Klarinha is very dedicated, dedicated, she is brilliant in the series”, says Müller about her co-star.

At the end of June, Castanho went through a violent exposure – she saw her name appear in reports and publications on social networks that alleged that she was pregnant and that she had donated the baby. In the face of pressure, she released an open letter confirming the information and stating that she had been the victim of a rape.

In the text, the actress reports that she was not in her city, nor close to friends and family. Initially, she would not have realized that the rape resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. In another passage, she talks about the process of maintaining the pregnancy and carrying out the legal adoption of the baby, as provided by law.

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