Laís Caldas undergoes cosmetic eye surgery and pins Maíra Cardi: ‘Drop eye, dear, it won’t happen anymore’ | celebrities

Laís Caldas undergoes eye surgery and comments on bullyingReproduction / Instagram

Published 08/02/2022 14:34

Rio – Laís Caldas revealed in her stories on Instagram, this Monday (1), that she underwent some cosmetic eye surgeries a week ago. The doctor showed the entire recovery process in detail and explained the reason for the procedures.

“The wrinkles and sagging under my eyes bothered me a lot, and so did the excess skin on the upper right eyelid,” she said. The former BBB underwent upper blepharoplasty, which removes excess skin from the eyelids, eyebrow ptosis correction and CO2 laser on the entire face.

Laís also vented about the comments she received about her appearance and took the opportunity to pin Maíra Cardi, Arthur Aguiar’s wife, who referred to Laís as “the one with the droopy eye and dead fish”.

“It wasn’t the ‘droopy eye’, ‘dead fish eye’, as some people used while I was inside the BBB. That’s not the correct term, it’s a bullying that people practice with those who have ptosis. surgery because of that. I took advantage of what I was going to do and did everything”, he said. “For the haters and this famous person who doesn’t remember my name, now learn hard or you’ll have to bully with another adjective.

The influencer made a point of rescuing some images that bothered her at the time. “This is just a little bit of what they did to bully me while I was at the house… If it was with your son, would you like it?”, she asked.

Finally, the ex-sister thanked her boyfriend, Gustavo Marsengo, for taking care of her postoperatively. “He’s taking care of me that you don’t understand. Drops eye drops, reminds me of the medicines, helps me with everything here at home. I just fell in love even more! There is no more companion than he does. I love you, love”, he concluded.

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