Lotofácil da Independência will draw BRL 160 million: learn how to bet

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posted on 08/02/2022 12:20

  (credit: Agência Brasil)

(credit: Agência Brasil)

Caixa Econômica Federal opened the bets for the Lotofácil da Independência 2022, this Monday (1/8). The value of the prize, which does not accumulate, is R$160 million, with a minimum bet of R$2.50. The drawing of the winning numbers will take place on September 10th.

Games can be played on Caixa Loterias electronic channels (website and app) or at any accredited lottery house. The player must fill in 15 to 20 numbers from 01 to 25 and hope that 15 are drawn.

If there are no winning bets of 15 numbers, those who match 14 will split the prize, and so on.

The normal Caixa Lotteries contests, with prizes starting at R$ 1.5 million, are held until August 26th. From then until September 10, it will only be possible to bet on the Lotofácil da Independência.


At Lotofácil, the chance of a basic combination of R$ 2.50 hitting 15 tens is 1 in 3,268,760. With 20 numbers, the probability increases to 1 in 211, but the ticket costs BRL 38,000.

Number of tens – bet amount – probability

15 numbers – BRL 2.50 – 1 in 3,268,760

16 numbers – BRL 40.00 – 1 in 204,298

17 numbers – R$ 340.00 – 1 in 24,035

18 numbers – BRL 2,040.00 1 in 4,006

19 numbers – BRL 9,690.00 – 1 in 843

20 numbers – R$ 38,760.00 – 1 in 211

Box Pool

Bolão Caixa is the possibility to place bets in a group. At Lotofácil, the pools have a minimum price of R$ 10.00 and a maximum price of R$ 38,760.00. The shares are negotiated for R$3.00 to R$387.60, depending on the number of selected dozens.

previous draws

In the 2021 Lotofácil da Independência, 57 bets shared the prize of BRL 159.1 million and each winner received BRL 2,791,889.55. In 2020, 50 winners sliced ​​almost BRL 125 million and received a share of BRL 2,499,998.20.

2021 – BRL 159.1 million

Contest 2320, 57 bets, BRL 2,791,889.55

2020 – BRL 124.9 million

2030 Contest, 50 bets, BRL 2,499,998.20

2019 – BRL 99.5 million

Contest 1861, 33 bets, BRL 3,014,770.55

2018 – BRL 91.7 million

Contest 1708, 33 bets, BRL 2,778,857.60

2017 – BRL 88.5 million

Contest 1557, 15 bets, BRL 5,905,591.00

2016 – BRL 82.2 million

Contest 1408, 10 bets, BRL 8,227,506.94

2015 – BRL 89.6 million

Contest 1255, 51 bets, BRL 1,757,073.66

2014 – BRL 78.3 million

Contest 1102, 43 bets, BRL 1,821,021.77

2013 – BRL 73 million

Contest 952, 66 bets, BRL 1,107,491.15

2012 – BRL 43 million

Contest 800, 14 bets, BRL 3,072,441.79

Prize redemption

Prizes can be redeemed at any accredited lottery house or Caixa branches. Amounts above R$ 1,903.98 will only be released at the bank, upon presentation of an identity document with CPF and wager receipt.

Transfers of amounts equal to or greater than BRL 10,000.00 will take place within a minimum period of two days after the winner’s presence at the agency.

If the bettor plays online, he will have the option of receiving through the Mercado Pago app, with a maximum value of R$ 1,903.98.

If you think it’s better to go to a lottery unit, you will need to carry the printed receipt of the bet and the six-number redemption code, generated by the Loterias Caixa portal, valid for 24 hours.

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