Mouse kicks Milene Pavorô and holds her by the hair on SBT

Carlos Roberto Massa, better known by his stage name little mouse, 66 years old, was once again the subject of social media. This is because the presenter of the SBT caught viewers’ attention again this past week. However, now, he had his name on the lips of the people after getting involved in a controversy beyond complicated.

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For those who don’t know, Silvio Santos’ darling has already been involved in a series of controversies with Milene Pavorô, who has participated in his program for over 10 years.

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Recently, for example, the communicator decided to taunt the stage assistant and soon recanted for fear of suffering another lawsuit. In short, in the ‘Wall Duet’ frame, the presenter wanted to show Pavorô’s costume and ripped off the bangs that the famous made to use in the SBT attraction.

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“I wanted to say next, how a woman likes to change her haircut. Milene for example…”, declared Mouse. However, Milene countered. “Don’t do that, boss, it’s mine”, she said, dissatisfied with the famous man’s attitude.

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“She put on a topknot, now that I paid attention”, said the presenter in a tone of irony. Consequently, as soon as he stopped her from leaving, the communicator realized that something wrong could happen. “You leave and soon you will have a lawsuit against me again,” said the communicator.

The famous presenter of SBT, Ratinho, got into trouble with Milene (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous presenter of SBT, Ratinho, got into trouble with Milene (Photo: Reproduction)

A short time later, the presenter still made jokes with his co-star and insulted her, saying that her forehead looked like a billboard. With that, guest Felipe Folgosi defended Pavorô. “You have to fix a defect for these women,” he said. “Milene, let me tell you, you are beautiful with bangs, without bangs”, said Carlos Massa. “God bless,” replied Mouse’s stagehand.

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At another time, the two starred in a controversy on SBT. It turns out that the assistant hid inside a cardboard box in the middle of the stage and the presenter kicked the object hard and ended up hitting Milene Pavorô’s head.

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With that, the police demanded that she give a statement to explain whether she was assaulted or not. At the time, the famous did not make any complaints and assured that this would never happen if he knew she was inside the box.

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