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A central character in the most recent episode of worsening tension between the US government and China, Nancy Pelosi became, in 2007, the first woman to preside over the US House, a post to which she returned in 2019.

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Described as a “female power icon” and a prominent name in the Democratic Party, she is 82 years old and is second in line to Joe Biden after Kamala Harris.

On an undisclosed visit and under threats from China, Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday (2) in a US Air Force plane. (see video below). Even before Pelosi landed on the island, the Chinese government said it considered the gesture a provocation and promised reprisals to the US.

With extensive career in politicsNancy Pelosi:

  • represents California in the US Congress more than 35 years ago;
  • put himself in front of opposition to former president Donald Trumpagainst whom he announced, in 2019, the opening of an impeachment process;
  • was cited as “female icon” by “The New York Times” in 2019, upon reassuming the position of Speaker of the House – the same analysis says that the Democrat sealed “her place in history” and highlights her relevance to the women’s movement, describing her as “so feared […] how much admired”;
  • presents itself as criticism of the Chinese governmentespecially with regard to human rights, since, 30 years ago, he appeared by surprise in Tiananmen Square with posters in honor of the dissidents killed in the protest that marked the place in 1989;
  • and has been married since 1963, has five children and nine grandchildren and says – on social media, she claims to be focused on strengthening the middle class and creating jobs and says, in her profile, that she is “mother, grandmother, chocolate connoisseur”.

Plane with Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan

Plane with Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan

  • Nancy Pelosi’s flight lands in Taiwan, as China speaks of ‘severe infringement’ of its sovereignty, announces military action
  • Here’s why Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan raises tensions between US and China

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See more about Nancy Pelosi’s political trajectory and personal life below:

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi claps her hands as President Donald Trump approaches to deliver his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on Feb. 5, 2019. Mills/The New York Times via AP/Pool

On February 5, 2019, the moment when Nancy Pelosi ironically clapped her hands, ironically, as then US President Donald Trump approached to deliver the State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington (see photo above).

Two months later, in announcing the opening of the impeachment process against Trump, alleging that he violated the Constitution by turning to Ukraine to investigate the then opponent in the elections, Biden, Pelosi commented: “It is absolutely essential that the president be held accountable. No one is above the law”.

In February of the following year, two iconic moments took place during a ceremony, which further deepened the clash between Pelosi and Trump.

First, upon reaching the pulpit of the House, the Republican broke protocol and greeted only then-Vice President Mike Pence, ignoring Pelosi, who had reached out to him. But it was unclear whether Trump refused to shake hands with his main opponent or if he simply did not see the gesture.

At the end of the speech, Pelosi made her discomfort with the president even more explicit: the Democrat stood up behind him and tore her copy of the speech in several parts. (see video below).

Trump refuses to greet Pelosi, who rips paper with speech

Trump refuses to greet Pelosi, who rips paper with speech

Nancy Pelosi is a mother of five and a grandmother of nine. She was born in the city of Baltimore on March 26, 1940. She is the youngest child of seven children, and the only female.

He inherited a taste for politics from his parents. Her father, Thomas D’Alessandro Jr., was a Democratic congressman from the state of Maryland and went on to become mayor of Baltimore.

The mother, Nancy D’Alesandro, was an activist who organized with Democratic women. One of her brothers, Thomas D’Alesandro III, also a Democrat, was elected mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971.

She graduated in 1958 from the Notre Dame Institute, an all-girls Catholic high school. In 1962, she became a political scientist at Trinity College in Washington.

She has been married to businessman Paul Pelosi since 1963, whose fortune is estimated at US$ 120 million (about R$ 632.5 million). He owns the real estate investment and advisory firm Financial Leasing Services.

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