Palmeiras and Red Bull Bragantino terminate contract with defender Renan

Defender Renan had his contract terminated with RB Bragantino for just cause
photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Defender Renan had his contract terminated with RB Bragantino for just cause

Palmeiras and Red Bull Bragantino decided to terminate the contract of defender Renan, 20 years old, who killed a motorcyclist who was hit by a car last month. The athlete revealed in the base categories of Verdo and was on loan from a team from the interior of São Paulo.

RB Bragantino rescinded the loan bond for just cause, but the player, however, decided not to sign the rescission and, together with his defense, asks for the payment of the termination fine.

In contact with Gazeta Esportiva, the club-company confirmed that it understands that there are sufficient reasons for the breach of contract for just cause. Even so, he says he will pay the compensation if the Court decides that the defender was not at fault in the death of the motorcyclist.

After the termination of Red Bull Bragantino, Palmeiras also confirmed that they terminated the contract with Renan, who arrived at the club when he was 11 years old. He had a bond with Verdo until 2025. As published by Uol Esporte, the Palmeirense board also understands that the seriousness of the case is the reason for the breach of the contract.

Last July 22, Renan collided his car at high speed with motorcyclist Eliezer Pena, 38, who left his wife and two daughters. The player drove with his license suspended. The athlete was detained by the police and, after paying a bond in the amount of R$ 242,000, he is now free for manslaughter.

It was also determined that the player complies in all acts of the process. Renan was also banned from going to bars and concert halls and had to hand over his passport to the Federal Police.

Renan was evaluated until then as one of the great promises of the base categories of Palmeiras. He played 41 matches for the club last season, but was loaned to Red Bull Bragantino in April this year.

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