Poliana helps Zé Felipe and regrets health problem: Forces

According to the artist, his heart felt that heir would be wrong

Last Monday, the 1st, Poliana Rocha went through a situation beyond tense with Zé Felipeas a result of his relationship with Leonardo. That’s because, he asked his mother’s help to take care of the family.

In short, the artist was on her way to work at the Talismã agency when she received an urgent call from the singer.

Still inside the car, the famous opened up that she had felt that the heir would need her help.

“A mother’s heart is like that, there’s no explanation. I was going down to the office and Zé called me: ‘Mom, come here for a little bit’”, began Poliana Rocha.

In sequence, the artist lamented the fact that Virgínia Fonseca, Maria Flor and even Zé Felipe were sick.

Poliana Rocha and Leonardo (Photo: Reproduction)

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Poliana Rocha with Leonardo (Photo: Disclosure)

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Poliana Rocha with Leonardo (Photo: Disclosure)

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“Everyone is with viruscome get Maria Alice”, said Poliana Rocha, reproducing the heir’s call.


According to Leonardo’s wife, she changed her plans right away to take care of her 1-year-old granddaughter.

“I changed my plans, called the office and the girls will take care of everything. Now, I’m going to give them a helping hand”, admitted Poliana Rocha.

Thus, the artist made Zé Felipe’s wishes and left the house with Maria Alice. On Virgínia Fonseca’s social networks, it was possible to see everyone together.

Poliana Rocha
According to Poliana Rocha, her heart knew that her family would need her (Reproduction)


Currently, Poliana Rocha lives the best outcome alongside Leonardo, however, the two went through ups and downs.

That’s because, the artist dealt with the singer’s betrayal and even children out of wedlock.

But, the famous decided to forgive what happened in the past and proves to be in heights with Leonardo.

Even on social media, Poliana Rocha always talks about it and points out that she doesn’t want to know if her husband has a new lover or not.

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