Rapporteur withdraws from cash payment of food stamps

The rapporteur of the provisional measure (MP) 1108, deputy Paulinho da Força (Solidariedade-SP), withdrew from his opinion the possibility of paying the food stamp in cash, but included a measure to allow the value of the benefit to become credit for the employee after 60 days of non-use, as anticipated by the Political BroadcastGrupo Estado’s real-time news system.

The deputy kept almost in full the original text, sent by the government, after a negotiation this Tuesday, 2, at the official residence of the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL).

Last week, the deputy had announced the unions’ support for the payment of food stamps in cash.

“Trade unions across the country have just declared their support for our proposal to pay the food stamps directly into the worker’s account. It is necessary to guarantee more freedom and money in the pocket of the Brazilian people!”, wrote Paulinho, on Twitter, in the last Thursday, 28.

The government, however, was against paying the benefit in cash. According to interlocutors, the Palácio do Planalto interpreted that the food stamp would become remunerative, instead of indemnity, if paid in cash, according to the rules of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). Thus, in the government’s assessment, there would be a tax collection.

This Monday, the 1st, the president of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel), Paulo Solmucci, told the Political Broadcast that the measure could remove between R$ 20 billion and R$ 30 billion per year from the sector’s revenue obtained through food stamps. In total, according to him, the segment raises BRL 50 billion annually thanks to the use of the voucher by employees.

The chairman of the board of the Brazilian Association of Workers’ Benefits Companies (ABBT), Alaor Aguirre, also criticized Paulinho’s proposal. In his view, the measure would cause the shrinking of the voucher market in the country, in addition to compromising the billing of bars, restaurants and markets – since workers could use the benefit values ​​to pay other bills.

The MP sent by the government regulates the rules of telework, to increase the legal security of this modality, which grew during the covid-19 pandemic due to the need for social isolation of the population. The original text defines that the food stamp can only be used to pay for meals in restaurants or food purchased in stores.

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