SpaceX space junk falls in Australia and becomes subject of investigation

The ASA (Australian Space Agency) investigates the fall of space junk on a farm in the southern state of New South Wales – where Sydney and the country’s capital, Canberra are located.

There are three large pieces that were found between July 14 and 25, according to information from the Mashable website. The material is suspected to be from a SpaceX aircraft, launched in 2021.

The last piece found is nearly three meters tall and was discovered by sheep farmer Mick Miners. He told Australian ABC News that he was stunned by the find. “I didn’t know what to think, I had no idea what it was,” he said.

Upon discovery, he called neighboring farmer Jack Wallace, who also found other pieces nearby.

After contacting the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Wallace said he was instructed to call NASA. “I’m a farmer from Dalgety, what am I going to tell NASA?” asked Wallace.

Now, the Australian Space Agency is working with the US to determine exactly what the objects are and to whom they belong.

Brad Trucker, an astrophysicist at the Australian National University, believes the wreckage is from SpaceX Dragon. This is due to the analysis of the spacecraft’s trajectory, which re-entered the atmosphere at 7 am on July 9.

One of the parts would appear to have a serial number. “It’s a very easy way for Space X to confirm that, because there’s a label on it,” Trucker told The Guardian.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule has been observed breaking apart in the skies over Australia. His re-entry was seen and heard by witnesses from Canberra to Bendigo, with many photos and videos shared on social media.

“I didn’t hear the bang, but my daughters said it was too loud. If it landed on your house, it would make a hell of a mess,” Wallace told Australia’s ABC News.

SpaceX has yet to confirm to Tucker that the wreckage belonged to Dragon.

For The Guardian, an ASA spokesperson confirmed the discovery of space junk. “The agency is actively working to support the formal identification of the objects and is in contact with our colleagues in the US, as well as other community members and local officials,” the spokesperson said.

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