Strawberry Shortcake says he caught Naldo Benny asking another woman for nudes

Ellen Cardoso, known as Mulher Strawberry Shortcake, recalled when she caught her husband, Naldo Benny, exchanging messages with another woman. While participating in the podcast BarbaCastshe said that the singer asked for nudes for a follower.

“One day something very intimate between us happened, but I’m very settled and I have no problem talking about it,” Ellen began.

She said that she was getting ready in her room, saw that Naldo had left her cell phone in the room and decided to unlock the device: “I’m not used to touching his phone. I don’t like it and I don’t think there’s any need for it. But that day , something blew in my ear: ‘Go there and have a look’.

Ellen went on her husband’s Instagram and saw that a woman had sent him several nudes: “When I picked up the phone, when I opened it, my dignified one was answering like this: ‘Send more’. I said: ‘It’s today I I’m going to kill him,'” he recalled.

Strawberry Shortcake said that the reaction was to breathe, count to 10 and finish getting ready: “I was pretty and I said: ‘Now, I don’t want to look pretty, I want to look wonderful’. I went there and chose the best clothes, I got dressed”.

“I stopped in front of him very calmly, slowly in my dress, all fitted tube, hair thrown to the side, all makeup, and I did like this: ‘Stop this f*cking now’. He asked: ‘What, love?’. I took it. the phone, I showed it and said: ‘I don’t want to hear anything, get up and let’s go, let’s go’. I took his hand, we went to the street and my message had already been given. And there was no crisis”, he explained.

Naldo and Ellen have been together for 12 years. They have a daughter, little Maria Victoria Benny, 7 years old.

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