SUS expands distribution of insulin pens to patients with diabetes

According to a Technical Note, young people aged up to 19 years or adults aged 45 and over can receive the medication at health centers or basic health units (UBS)

Mateus Pereira/GOVBAImage of a nurse administering insulin to a woman
Equipment is considered one of the main methods of treatment against diabetes

O Ministry of Healththrough Technical Note No. 169/2022, expanded the age range of patients with diabetes types 1 and 2 that may have free access free access to pens insulin that are made available by Health Unic System (SUS). In addition to people up to 19 years of age, adults over 45 years of age will also be able to receive the drug at health centers or Basic Health Units (UBS), as long as they present a medical indication or prescription. With the expansion, 70% of patients with insulin indication will have access to the pen and the Ministry forecast is that 100% of people will be served in 2023. The equipment is considered the main method of treatment for type 1 and 2 diabetes. to increase information about the availability of the drug, the Caneta da Saúde campaign is visiting several cities in Brazil. The initiative is a partnership between the Juvenile Diabetes Association (ADJ), the National Association for Diabetes Care (ANAD), the National Council of Municipal Health Departments (CONASEMS), the National Front of Mayors (FNP) and Novo Nordisk . On August 4th and 5th, the campaign will pass through Osasco. In all, 20 cities will be visited, such as São Bernardo do Campo, Criciúma and Florianópolis.

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