União Brasil announces Soraya Thronicke as pre-candidate for the presidency after Bivar withdrew; convention will be on Friday | Elections 2022 in Sao Paulo

The União Brasil party announced this Tuesday (2) the pre-candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic of Soraya Thronicke. The official plate is scheduled for Friday (5), when the national convention of the acronym takes place.

The announcement took place at an event in São Paulo with the presence of São Paulo politicians from the party, such as councilor Milton Leite, and also the national president of the acronym, Luciano Bivar.

In a speech, Bivar said that Soraya Thronicke’s candidacy should be confirmed this Friday.

“Friday your name is submitted to the national convention,” he said.

At the same event, the party’s internal president, Antônio Rueda, declared that Soraya’s candidacy had an “exceptional” acceptance among co-religionists and that his name is “consensus” in the party.

“The entire founding commission is very comfortable. I consulted all our pre-candidates for the government and they all lined up around Soraya’s name”, declared Rueda.

During the same event, politicians from União Brasil announced the party’s support for the candidacy of Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) for the government of the state of São Paulo.

“Rodrigo Garcia is our candidate here for governor,” said Bivar.

The representatives, however, did not confirm the nomination of a party name to be a candidate for vice on Garcia’s ticket. The vice president of União Brasil, Eduardo Rueda, confirmed that his name was one of those mentioned for the ticket, but other cadres could also be chosen.

“I have no doubt that all the names that make up our party are strong names”, declared Rueda.

Last Sunday (31), Bivar announced that he would not be a candidate for the Planalto Palace at an event in Recife.

“I decided to go back and continue in the Federal Chamber with your help so that we can continue to preside over the party with the strength that our party, our parliamentarians and all those who make up the União Brasil have”, he spoke, confirming the candidacy for reelection.

At the same event, the president of the acronym declared that the senator from Mato Grosso do Sul, Soraya Thronicke, would be the party’s candidate for the Palácio do Planalto. “I want to congratulate my Federal Senate, represented by Senator Soraya Thronicke, who will soon be in Pernambuco presenting herself as an alternative for our country,” he said.

Her name has been defended by party leaders as a way to equalize Electoral Fund spending – as current legislation imposes a minimum spending quota for women to run as candidates.

Bivar also said that it is necessary to defend democracy and said that this was one of the purposes for the creation of União Brasil, with the union of the PSL and DEM.

“I am absolutely convinced that we want what União Brasil wants. Two parties that merged to give political security, institutional security to the country. Because I may be one of the few here who had a delicate moment when I was a student at law school. We need, above all, to preserve our democracy, the freedom of so many young people who really want to give their work and intelligence to the development of our country”, he declared.

The announcement of the withdrawal took place at the same event in which União Brasil made official the candidacy of the former mayor of Petrolina Miguel Coelho (União) to the government of Pernambuco. The act took place at Clube Internacional, in Madalena, in the West Zone.

Bivar’s withdrawal had been anticipated by columnist Gerson Camarotti. To the blog, party leaders told that the national president of the Union was complaining about a possible “abandonment” in the state platforms, although he knew that his candidacy was being planned only to mark a position – without any commitment of real support in the bases.

Bivar did not score in the latest Datafolha poll that measured voting intentions for President of the Republic.

Businessman Luciano Bivar is 77 years old. Graduated in Law, he did a postgraduate degree in Financial Education in Illinois, United States. Bivar is in his third term as a federal deputy for Pernambuco. He was elected for the first time in 1998. Before that, in 1994, he participated in the founding of the PSL, the party he presided over until the creation of União Brasil.

Bivar was also president of Sport, having left the position in 2013 to run for federal deputy.

União Brasil is a party created in October 2021 as a result of the merger between PSL and DEM. President Jair Bolsonaro, who is now seeking re-election by the PL, came to power affiliated to the PSL. He left the legend in November 2019 after a series of disagreements with Bivar.

The crisis between Bivar and Bolsonaro became public in October 2019, when the president addressed a supporter and asked him to “forget” the party, arguing that Bivar was “burned as hell”.

Bolsonaro’s departure from the PSL triggered a crisis in the extinct party, dividing the wings linked to him and Bivar.

União Brasil has the largest bench in Congress and, therefore, is the party that will receive the largest amount of Electoral Fund in this year’s elections: R$ 782.5 million, as well as one of the longest TV times in electoral advertisements. The distribution takes into account the number of candidates elected by the party in the last election.

Therefore, the party’s support has been disputed by candidates for the Planalto. Former President Lula (PT), candidate for the presidency, himself articulated Bivar’s withdrawal.

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