Unlimited therapy sessions make Bahians consider returning to health plans

After release for unlimited sessions and consultations with psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists, as recommended by a doctor, patients who stopped using the plan and hired private services have considered returning to the operators.

Student Júlia Silva, 21, started following up in 2019. However, she found that the plan only covered 20 sessions, which meant she had a weekly session for five months. The young woman turned to the private sector, but was unable to pay R$ 150 per hour each week.

“The session limits made me very discouraged about going to therapy, because I knew that at some point I would have to stop, even though I still needed help. I will definitely come back after this news. It’s good to know that I’ll continue to get help when I need it and my sessions won’t be limited”, he celebrates.

It was for the same reason that psychology student Sabrina Lima, 20, sought out private services. She says that she was seen once a week with one-hour sessions, however, the plan informed her that it would only release 30 minutes per consultation. For Sabrina, time is not enough, because she is not able to recap the events between the last and current session, develop weekly activities and delve deeper into the issues brought to therapy.

Although she now pays BRL 120 for four one-hour sessions per month, she prefers the investment to returning to the recurring worries of the past. “Through the private, you have much greater freedom to talk directly with a psychologist and schedule an appointment. Not in the health plan,” she says.

The president of the Association of People with Fibromyalgia of Feira de Santana, Bárbara Fontes, says that patients with the syndrome need to undergo multidisciplinary treatment, whose activities are not covered by the plan in its entirety. Barbara does acupuncture, therapy, pain blocking, and three other physical therapy modalities. One of them, RPG, was denied by the plan.

“It’s abusive. It has happened two or three other times. They keep saying that the contractual plan does not cover this […] but then, in the same way that they make the denial, they answer again without giving a reason why they refused. The association has more than 300 people and all the people who are in the association and have health insurance, especially at Unimed, are in this situation”, he denounces.

The entity’s intention is to file a class action on account of the loss of treatment. With the guarantee of unlimited sessions, the class expects an improvement in the positioning of health plan operators.

*With guidance from the head of reporting Perla Ribeiro

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