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Convicted of killing actress Daniella Perez on December 28, 1992, former actor and pastor of the evangelical church Guilherme de Padua, for the first time, asked for forgiveness from the artist, the novelist Glria Perez, and live from the victim, the actor Raul Gazolla. Pdua addressed them both through a video published this Tuesday (2/8) on YouTube.

At the age of 22, Daniella was murdered with 18 punctures in the chest, most of them in the heart region. The artist’s body was found in a deserted place in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

In the video, Guilherme says that asking forgiveness for the crime “was his biggest dream”, but that he “didn’t know how to do it”. “I thought about looking for Raul Gazolla and Gloria Perez’s lawyers. I thought about asking someone to mediate this meeting. I couldn’t imagine a thing on the internet and through a video. (…) Maybe I’ll never have a real opportunity to ask for forgiveness,” he said.

“Gloria Perez, I apologize for all the suffering I’ve caused you. I never forgot that meeting in the jail. Raul Gazolla, I beg your pardon. I never forgot the day I was called to the police station. You were there and dragged yourself to me. hugged me crying. And there I saw that I was the worst person in the world”, he added.

Padua extended the apology to other members of the family. “I apologize to the family, friends and everyone who got involved with this story, who were saddened and revolted. I know that this apology for forgiveness may not mean anything, but I want to put it on record,” she justified.

‘Brutal pact: The murder of Daniella Perez’

Guilherme de P
Guilherme de Padua murdered Daniella Perez on December 28, 1992 (photo: YouTube/Guilherme de Pdua/Reproduction)

The tragic death of the daughter of Glria Perez came to light with the launch of the series “Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez”, which premiered last Thursday (21/7) on HBOMax. Composed of five episodes, the documentary details the crime that shocked the country with testimonies, court proceedings, witness accounts, among other elements.

More than 60 people were interviewed for the series, including several young actors from the 1990s, such as Claudia Raia, Fbio Assuno, Maurcio Mattar, Cristiana Oliveira, Alexandre Frota and Eri Johnson.

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