Ana Clara shows a little piece of a new house and announces: “I’m living alone”

This Thursday afternoon (04), Ana Clara made fans excited by sharing a new achievement in her life. On her Instagram profile, the redhead showed a little piece of her new house, giving her followers a taste by showing off a piece of her living room.

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“JUST A PIECE OF MY NEW HOME! I moved, I’m living alone and this process of setting up my space to live is being the most wonderful thing in the world! 1st place I share here had to be my BEAUTIFUL bookcase ready! Later I post the video of the process (more than an hour) for you to see!”, wrote the redhead in the caption of the publication.

Did you really flirt? Arthur Picoli demands an unusual response from Ana Clara and fans arouse suspicion

Are Ana Clara and Arthur Picoli developing a more private conversation? On the afternoon of this Monday (25), the two left fans curious after an interaction beyond unusual on Twitter, which has already created a possible relationship between them.

“And that frog noise on Twitter?”, asked Ana Clara on the social network. “It only loses to the sound of being ignored on WhatsApp”, countered Arthur, who has already piqued the curiosity of internet users who were eyeing the redhead’s publication.

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