Bianca Andrade wears a minimal bikini and lets her butt take a ‘air’: “Mummy is on”

Look at her! Bianca Andrade, better known as Boca Rosa, shared with her fans on Thursday night (04) a more than flashy click. The muse bet on a very minimalist pink bikini on her trip to Fernando de Noronha.

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“How I wish I was right now…”, he wrote in the caption of the publication. In the photo, Bianca Andrade, fitness muse, digital influencer and businesswoman, showed off her cracked shape and full of good shape, while betting on a pink thong bikini full of charm. Currently, Boca Rosa has surpassed the mark of nothing more, nothing less than 18.1 million followers.

“Af even I wish I was like this right now”, fired a fan in the comments field. “Woman of heaven, how are you beautiful like this? Pass the secret to us urgently”, praised another.

After receiving criticism for saying that she had sex with 3, Bianca Andrade vents: “If it were a man, they would not say anything”

During an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Bianca Andrade decided to vent about some attacks she received on social media for having said that she has had a relationship with three in her life.

“I think it’s not a public matter, it’s very intimate. But when asked, I have no problem speaking up, because I don’t like to deal with things as if they are taboo. I don’t want to treat it like ‘oh my God, I’m less of a mother or less of a businesswoman’, because I respect my wishes”, said Boca Rosa.

“When you are a man [confessando que fez sexo a três], no one cares. It’s okay and no one is scared. When she’s a woman assuming what she wants to do, she freaks out a little. But this is not a public subject that I like to broach all the time. People like to put us in a box when talking about it”, concluded the digital influencer.


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