Bruna Marquezine Fashion: actress brings together different, exotic and striking looks. Photos!

Bruna Marquezine it’s the birthday girl of the day, but how about you win the gift? About to shine in her Hollywood debut with “Blue Beetle” – a film whose shooting has already ended -, the 27-year-old actress gathers fashion inspirations at different times.

Next, the purepeople highlights some evidence that Bruna Marquezine, after making 14 soap operas, is ready for the Glamorous appearances in her international career. In the gallery below, you can still check out 10 other looks that prove this in practice!

Fashion is no longer a ‘burden’ for Bruna Marquezine

Famous since childhood, Bruna Marquezine noticed her relationship with the fashion world evolving over the years. “Today I have a lot of fun with fashion, but before I saw it as a burden, an obligation and a consequence of my work”, she explained in a previous interview.

“The day I understood it as a tool for self-knowledge, a lot changed for me and, since then, I’m passionate about fashion”, she said.

Bruna Marquezine is not afraid to take risks

Another important point of the artist’s relationship with this universe is the ability to be open to the new. “Today I try a lot of things, I prove what is not obvious, what maybe wouldn’t be for my body, but I’m feeling good,” she said.

The actress’s eclectic wardrobe is a guarantee of success

And this facility to jump into new trends without fear is also reflected in Bruna Marquezine’s closet. “It has everything! I like more daring things. I’m not very classic and I don’t like very obvious things today, but in everyday life I’m basic: the crazy one with the white t-shirt, t-shirt, t-shirt with phrase and pants jeans. To go to work I am that person”, he indicated.

“But as I have the opportunity to go to events, some places, that require a bigger production, then I take advantage of it and that’s why there’s a little bit of everything”, he says. Check out Bruna Marquezine’s striking and personality-filled looks below for inspiration!

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